Filmed in Beijing with a Hi-8 camera and a microphone mounted on a chopstick in the summer of 1996, FOR BEIJING WITH LOVE & SQUALOR (59 min., 1997) is an intimate insider’s look at a seldom-seen segment of Beijing youth culture that lovingly captures a post-Tiananmen Square, pre-Internet generation in nightclubs, underground rock clubs, and drunken late-night confessionals. By turns a portrait of a city and a document of a cultural moment, the film follows two disaffected art students¬†/¬†aspiring rock musicians through a world of chaotic cultural collisions and disillusioned political ideals to create a meditation on language, translation, cultural appropriation, and rock ‘n’ roll.




– Vancouver International Film Festival (October 2002)
– WYBE Philadelphia broadcast on “Through the Lens” documentary series (1999)
– Berlin Ethno Filmfest (1999)
– PTS Taiwan Public Television broadcast (1998)
– Boston Museum of Fine Arts repertory screening (1998)
– Ovarvideo, Portugal (1998)
– Taiwan International Documentary Festival (1998)
– Singapore International Film Festival (1998)
– Second Prize, Documentary Category, UFVA Nextframe Film Festival (1998)


Boston Phoenix Review